Platform Drilling and Completion Operations Contracting Strategy

Drilling operations will be conducted from a single drilling unit fully integrated within the Hebron Platform. The drilling unit will be utilized to drill, complete, and service wellbores contained within the Hebron Platform. A variety of goods and services will be necessary to complete the drilling scope of work over the life of the facility including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Operation and maintenance of the drilling unit
  • Tubular goods
  • Cementing
  • Bits
  • Wellbore completion equipment
  • Drilling fluids
  • Wellbore diagnostic services (logging, sampling, evaluation)

The expression of interest for Operation and Maintenance of the Drilling Unit has been posted, and includes two main scopes of work. The first scope of activity covers the supply of staff to assist in evaluating and maturing the design of the drilling unit. The second scope of activity covers the supply of personnel and maintenance services necessary to operate and maintain the unit once drilling operations commence.

Upcoming Production Operations Procurement Opportunities
Work scope Description Projected EOI Date
Liner Hanger Equipment & Services   Q3 2015
Stand Alone Sand Control Screens, with and without External Shunts Supply of Stand Alone Screens for Hebron Q2 2015
Casing and Tubing Running Services Supply of offshore casing and tubing running services including onshore preparation and support Q1 2015
Drilling Tool Rentals   Q2 2015
Hole Openers   TBD
Supply of Recovery Services for Drilling Tools and Pipe (Fishing) and Wellbore/BOP Cleanout Tools   Q1 2015
Casing and Cementing Accessories   Q2 2015
Cuttings Reinjection   Q3 2015
Completion Equipment and Associated Services The scope of supply includes the provision of wellbore completion equipment and services for Hebron Platform wellbores. Equipment supply would include but not be limited to:

  • Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled SubSurface Safety Valves and accompanying hydraulic control lines
  • Annular Safety Valve Systems for annular Gas Lift applications and accompanying hydraulic control lines
  • Downhole Pressure Temperature Gauge systems and accompanying gauge cables
  • Downhole Chemical Injection valves and mandrels, and accompanying downhole supply lines
  • Downhole gas lift valve systems (mandrels and valves)
  • Downhole Packer systems including polished bore receptacles, seal assemblies, and no-go locators
  • Liner hanger systems
  • Fluid Shut-Off (FSO) devices
  • In-flow Control Devices
  • Downhole nipples and accompanying plug systems
  • Back pressure valves
  • Gravel Pack Service tools including washpipe
  • Sliding Sleeves
  • Blast Joints
  • Self-Aligning mule shoes
  • Cross Coupling Protectors for downhole cables and control lines
Successful bidder would be expected to supply all onshore inventory ordering, shipping, and overall management (warehousing and logistical support services) for execution of the work. Successful bidder shall also supply all offshore personnel to manage deployment of all components at the rig site.
Q3 2014